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Protect your investment from costly repairs

Rest assured with the Granite Gold®
Protection Plan

Accidents happen, but you don’t need to be stuck with expensive repairs. With the Granite Gold® Protection Plan, you’ll be covered against unexpected damage, like etches, grout and joint expansion, and more. It’s the affordable, worry-free way to make your new countertops last for years to come.


Sample Policy

Stone types

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Quartzite

Household stains

  • Food and beverage
  • Cosmetics
  • Oil
  • Rust
  • Human and pet bodily fluids/waste2

Accidental damage

  • Chipping, cracking, pitting and scratches
  • Etching (dulling surfaces)
  • Hard water marks and deposits
  • Caulking, grout and joint expansion

1 Be sure to read the plan carefully for details on what’s covered and not covered, plus any limits, conditions, obligations, and exclusions.
2 Not including perspiration, hair oils, or body oils.

Buy your plan before
work begins

Don’t miss out on coverage. You must purchase your Granite Gold® Protection Plan before installation. For just $399, which is about $3 per month, you’re covered for 10 years against accidental damage. Your policy takes effect the moment your countertops are installed.


Requesting service
is simple



File a claim online or by phone within 30 days of when the damage occurred



Our team will process your claim and schedule an appointment for repair



A Granite Gold® authorized stone technician will repair the damage at no additional cost to you

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